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01/11/16 Harp install 3 by 3 LG for Tue Potential
10/10/16 Harp installs a 4x3 55" Video wall into the Foreign Office
27/08/16 University of Reading Touch Video wall goes live - see ITN News @22.00 hrs
16/06/16 Order from Future Systems Catapult for a 3x3 screen
07/04/16 Harp wins new 6x3 55" wall from European Space Centre
05/03/16 O2 takes two Harp 12" screen Video walls
05/03/16 University of Reading ordered a 4x2 Touch Video wall
14/02/16 Harp wins University of Southampton Video wall upgrade
20/01/16 Harp awarded upgrade of dual Video wall for Vodafone
02/01/15 Installation of 4x3 Video wall at Mansfield bus station


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